Intensive: 2 Full Audios & Bonus – Eliminate the Pain & After Effects of Trauma from Your System

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If you have been raped, molested or are in an abusive relationship…

If you have gone through war, loss, or another situation that left you with terrible memories, bad dreams, or gripping fear that holds you back from having a satisfying, fulfilling life….

Any of those experiences hold you back from having a satisfying, fulfilling life.

Have you been through any of that?
Then this is for you.


Because I’m back from the massive team trauma relief work a group of EFTers went to do in the Philippines, and we have totally rocked and rolled in another TBT Intensive call!

You know that I created TBT, a fast, easy, permanent technique (TBT, Trauma Buster Technique) that relieves and eliminates the effects of trauma.

Success Coach Angela Treat Lyon says: “Rehana has worked on me several times, so I can personally attest to the power and efficacy of TBT!”

What holding onto the trauma in your body and mind actually means for you

•  dissociation, distraction, inability to function, foggy head
•  flash backs – from mild to constant and unbearable
•  you find yourself irritable, or lashing out in a rage
•  loss of sleep, health and mental balance
•  paranoia that keeps you at home or even in complete hiding
•  nervous or hyper-vigilant out in public
•  inability to focus or stay on track
•  loss of health and well-being

If you experience any of those, you may have been in some situation that messed up your energy system. It needs to get straightened out!


>> Imagine how wonderful it will be not to have flashbacks, mental, emotional and even physical pain, dissociation and nightmares – a full night’s sleep! What will that do for your health?

>> Imagine going to a restaurant without having to choose the seat in the way back with your back to the wall! Now business appointments, shopping, and eating out will be easier.

>> Imagine being able to converse with your friends and family without them wondering when you’ll break into a rage and rip things apart! At last, you can start to rebuild peace at home.

>> Imagine what it will be like to not hate yourself for your own behavior that, while you know it only arises from internal pain, still makes you feel ashamed. Now you can look in the mirror and not hate what you see and feel.


I invite you to get these two audios from our Intensive. You can tap along with us and completely eliminate the traumatic stress caused by incidents – quickly, easily and permanently.

When you’re clear, you can finally return to being the intelligent, calm, creative, productive, lovable being you really are. (Impatient? Get the Audios here!)

How long have you suffered in silence?
How many relationships has your unresolved emotional pain destroyed?
How has being in such mental pain affected your finances?

How long do you want to keep on going like that? Don’t. Please.

I invite you to invest in your own sanity. Get the Audios from our TBT Intensive, so you can tap along with us and get your trauma resolved in privacy and safety, guided by me.

The last time we did this, every single person in it had fantastic results. This time was no exception.

Angela, who facilitates the call for us, said: “As a matter of fact, it was one of the most awe-inspiring, powerful sessions I think I’ve had the privilege to be a part of in a long time.”


“Randy” had been abducted and gang-raped as a young man. You will hear the depth of his terrible fear, pain, helplessness and humiliation as he begins to clear. He was laughing by the end of his session.

Isn’t it amazing that two separate people who live across the world from each other will show up with the same type of issue? That’s what happened here! “Andrea” had been gang-molested as a 9 year old by men who knew her step-father and mother. And once again it happened – she felt empowered and excited at the end of her turn.


How much do you pay your shrink? Every week, going back to revisit your event, over and over…yet do you get free of it? Here’s your chance.

How much so you keep stuffed inside, only to watch it blurt out like a volcano and scald your kids, husband, wife, co-workers or friends? Let’s put that in the past.

How much longer will you put up with that???

Are you done with the pain yet?

Want to finally give it up?


When you get the 2 Audios (plus the bonus ebook!) from the Trauma Release Intensive, you will tap along with us, using TBT to release the pain of your specific trauma.

By the end of the Audios, you walk away feeling waaaay better than you did when you started listening.

See the people below?

They all live in the city in the Philippines that was hit by a 25-foot wave, wiping out literally everything, killing hundreds. Trauma? Beyond belief. I and several others went there to hep them with EFT and TBT – see any unhappy faces there?

If they can get through such devastating loss of house, home, places of work, kids, family, etc., and laugh by the ends of their sessions, you can, too. (That’s me – 2nd from right on the bottom row.)

Are you ready to be free?

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