Tap to clear your own trauma and shock using TBT within a small, safe group. You can finally get free of them, even though you never knew how to before.

You’ll also get to tap along with the other 5 people in the group to “borrow benefits.” You raise and clear your energy by tapping along.

If you did this work one-on-one with Rehana, you’d pay $175 an hour. She’s making this special time easy for you at just $79.95!

PLUS you get the input and energy of healing from the other participants, which, if you listen to the Introductory TBT Audio, you’ll hear at the end how one person gained healing from tapping along with the others.

YES! This is the Audio recording from the teleclass. You will get immediate access to it once your payment is complete.

Click on the paypal to GET IT NOW – $79.95

When you register, you will receive an email receipt and you will be directed to a web page where you will get all the details telling you how to get the audios.