NEW: TBT Success Stories

Exciting New Project.

I will be sharing regularly with the TBT community my clients case studies which were instrumental in developing this technique. You can see how powerful this technique is in removing trauma and giving people back their lives. Trauma is at the bottom of most unwanted behaviours and early childhood conditioning is key in the formation of our personalities. When using TBT never focus on negative behaviours but rather on what caused them to occur in the first place. If the problem is not caused by a pathology, we can use TBT to change it. I’m sharing with you (permission granted by my clients) so you may also gain insights into how TBT works. Contact me directly if you wish to discuss aspects of a case so I can further enlighten you with my observations.

Permission granted to share this session   All names changed to protect the clients.  All male clients referred to as John and females as Jane.  References to locations also changed.  TBT Session was performed 1994.

Viet Nam Veteran trapped in recurring PTS symptoms for decades, finds permanent relief with one TBT Session

I had the opportunity to work with John, a veteran from

the Army. He had heard that I might be able to help him and after several 

years on prescribed medications (nortriptyline, citalopram and melatonin), therapy with psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, etc  he 

thought he would give TBT a try as a last resort.

John had served in Vietnam from 1965 to 1968. During that period he has witnessed

a lot of death, destruction and violence. The most traumatic incident during that

period was the death of his best friend who was killed by enemy fire before his eyes.

This particular memory had haunted him all these years and he blamed himself for not

having prevented Jim’s death.(core trauma event)

The symptoms he had been suffering  were typical of PTS: nightmares,

recurring thoughts, flashbacks, and intense anger/grief.  John was having difficulties relating with his family and friends.  Severe mood swings were part of his daily emotional routine.  John  blamed the commander for not taking enough safety measures and for being a ‘glory hunter’,  sending guys into known dangers. This patrol was following a fresh trail into the jungle and had stepped right into the enemy bunkers. John felt he should have got shot instead of Jim and then he wouldn’t be carrying all this guilt and grief.  The commander didn’t make a right decision  and Jim was killed.

After explaining briefly to John the 4 steps of TBT we started the session  (we sat in the back yard verandah, in this safe and calm place and  very casually did our session)

I asked John to relate the whole event to me and asked him to measure his intensity of feelings

from 0-10. He said they were 10++ and my observation of his physiology confirmed

this.  His face was flushed and bright red, his jaw was tightly clenched and his

knuckles were tight and white.

I asked John to narrow down his memory to the most  intense part of the story  (the SHOCK point) and with his permission I did the tapping.   I asked him to repeat the story around the shock point and recall  details and particularly bodily sensations.   We repeated this 3 or 4 times. Each time I asked him to go over the shock point as best he could.  The shock point revolved around the intense blue color of Jims eyes. Even in death his eyes were an amazing blue. 

Did we do step 3?  Yes we did.

We completed the session and here is the feedback from John.

“I realized it was not Jim, it was just an empty shell that once housed my friend.

it was a war and people die.  I did the best I could under the circumstances.

I couldn’t save my friend,  I can honor his life by remembering the good times we


I checked with John the following day, and he told me he had the BEST sleep in 30

years! Then the same again the next night. Previously John has lived with recurring

nightmares and flashbacks. Within a week John  does not have any of the old negative emotions he was experiencing in the past 30 plus years. Most importantly the nightmares have not occurred since the TBT treatment.  John is going to continue to monitor the symptoms he previously had and let me know if there is a recurrence.

Been a few years now and no complaints from John.  The power of TBT and mind body interventions!



A simple case and the results in a fabulous career opportunity.

About 5 years ago my neighbor disclosed to me she had an instense fear of dogs!  She said that even though my dog, a large husky, was friendly and mild she was afraid to even come to my gate in case she was confronted by the dog.

I could see from her body language that this was a genuine phobia.  Her stress levels were at the highest point and she was indeed frozen in that state at the mere thought of being confronted by a dog.

It turns out as a child she had been attacked by a dog and since then avoided all contact with dogs.  She asked me to help her and after gathering data on her phobia she was able to identify the traumatic event which occurred when she was around 5 years old.   The shock point was narrowed down to all those huge teeth in the dogs mouth.  It as a very visual shock point.  The teeth were very white and sharp.

This was indeed a simple trauma to resolve.  Following the 4 step TBT protocol she was quite relieved when she relived the trauma event to test the results.

The real test was waiting …in one hour she called me elated that when visiting another friend whose neighbor had a large dog with shiney white teeth, she surprizingly had no fear and not only patted and played with the dog but she sent me a selfie with the dog…teeth and all.  Her teeth and the dogs  Both with great big smiles .

All fear gone with one session of TBT.   Of course I asked her to be careful around unknown dogs and ask permission from owners before making contact with them.

That was 5 years ago and I got a message from her today….she has finally got her DREAM JOB.   Working with dogs.  Yes her company is training her for this key role and position.   She is delighted and said that she never dreamed of such opportunities while she was trapped in her fears.  I was so pleased for her.  Such a competent and caring person now in the perfect job role.  



Early childhood trauma and personality

John was referred to be through a social worker for undisclosed anxiety.  He was  60 years of age and getting close to retirement.  His main complaint about life was that he had never been able to succeed in any aspect of his life.  For example any business ventures he undertook started off well and then crashed.  There was a point at which he would fail just as all seemed to be going well.  His relationships with wives and partners followed the same pattern.  He referred to it as the opposite of the Midas touch.

John undertook many courses and trainings to change this pattern.  No matter how many coaches he had and the number of self help or formal trainings he undertook, his life pattern in failure continued.  

At our first meeting I asked John to think about how this pattern in life started and what traumatic event had set up this pattern.  My question to John was who taught him to fail?  This simple question triggered a traumatic memory of when he was 10 years old.  His face and body language showed how powerful this was.  He was amazed as this memory had never surfaced before after the initial event.  It was buried deep and out of sight.

The story John told me was that he had an older brother whom he adored and followed everywhere.  One day all that changed in an instance when his brother grabbed him by the shoulders and yelled  “you will never succeed in life…you will fail at every thing in life”.   John was stunned by the vehemence these words were shouted at him.  Left him stunned in a state of shock and disbelief that his beloved elder brother said that. 

Why did his brother do that?  What John didnt know then was that his brother was actually his uncle and Johns birth had been disguised so as not to bring shame to this good catholic family.  When Johns sister (mother) became pregnant, the family pretended John was their youngest child.  The only one who didnt know the truth was John.  His brother was so angry at keeping this secret and pretending about their relationship.

That was the traumatic event and the shock point were those powerful words which became an unconscious command and John lived out his life never succeeding as he was commanded.

We did our TBT session and John was amazed at how he clearly saw the reasons for his pattern.  He had followed his beloved brothers commands unknowingly.  The pieces of this puzzle started to fall into place.  John wondered how his life would have been had he been aware of where this pattern was coming from and released it early in life.

Even though he was at the end of his working life and ready for retirement, he was he was very grateful to have uncovered a reason for this pattern.