1. “My dear Rehana, I wish you a beautiful year 2021. I wish you that this new year will bring you what you have brought in my life: your TBT tool has allowed me to make possible what I wanted the most, to allow people extinguished by the events of their life, to allow them to obtain a radical change, and to rekindle their flame, their light, and to advance on their path by being who they really are, and not what they thought they were! Just to reach out to them to get them out of this vase that they were just sinking into. Just reach out to them and throw them out of this vase. Thanks to your TBT work, this became possible! Only one person has been able to do it, and that is you, Rehana! This very beautiful person! So I thank the universe for having had the delicacy to put me on your path. What I wish you for 2021, Rehana, is that you continue to radiate from all that you are, because your radiance can rekindle so many flames/extinct souls! Thank you for existing Rehana!
  2. Thank you so much ma’am Rehana. You are such a lovely person.and this is the best training I attended ever✨ I am feeling so blessed that I got a chance to learn so many things from you.. love you loads❤
    TBT training participant from Pakistan. October, 2019. 
  3. Meet Ma’am Rehana Webster from Australia. She is Master of EFT & NLP. It took her 10 years to develop a technique for elimination of post traumatic symptoms which is called TBT. I was honoured with her presence at Sahil & she has given me this lifetime gift in the name of Trauma Buster Technique. TBT is the best lifeskill that I was able to learn in 2019.
    TBT training participant from Pakistan. October, 2019.
  4. I’m writing this feedback full of thankfulness! A few days ago I’ve had a TBT session. We could heal my five year old trauma! I’ve never experienced such amazing results after just ONE session. My life has completely changed after this session: a lot of my fears have disappeared even as symptoms of a OCD. I’ll still remember much more positive memories from my childhood, my friendships and social relationships are getting better and better and at least my believe-system about coaching and psychotherapy has totally changed. The work with TBT was so simple and gently and also very funny. Now I will become a TBT-practioner too and join one of the workshops!”24 April 2019 Germany
  5. Rasha Salib, MA. Clinical Psychologist:Oct, 2015: The outside world can be a cruel reminder that anyone with trauma (broadly defined as any negative life experience) may continue to have a hard time coping and sometimes just waking up the next morning. Fear is a looming threat ‹ Fear of exclusion; fear of disappointment, fear of failure; fear of pain; fear of risk taking and fear of the unknown. TBT is VERY effective because it teaches you a valuable tool that is accessible and applicable to any circumstance and negative symptom in your life that you want to free yourself from. It helps you release past traumas and learn to deal with current issues so that you can feel safe to navigate life, with all of its ups and downs. In a very short time, TBT helps you reset your nervous system and allow it to regulate the way it was originally intended to.
    I can’t tell you what an amazing, profound and lasting effect TBT had on my life and the lives of many others. I have noticed that after just one session of TBT, people, including myself feel and look better. This work is TRULY miraculous. Many people think they know what¹s going on, or that they have worked everything through and they are trauma free. I was one of those people. But TBT helps me go into the body only to find things I¹ve forgotten or repressed, and in doing so allowing me to go deeper than my normal consciousness can take me.
    Moreover, I think of trauma differently now. TBT turned something hard, rigid, painful and immovable into something fluid, flexible, and even surprisingly funny at times. I also use TBT in my private practice with my clients who present with a wide variety of issues and presenting concerns including PTSD, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, psychosis and even self-harm. TBT has changed many lives and allowed myself as well as others to approach daily life situations feeling much more confident, safe and self-assured.
    Learning directly from the expert and founder of TBT, Rehana Webster has a wonderful and magical combination of warmth, humor, creativity and skill. Rehana helped me arrive with a particular trauma to work on and through her attuned support, I was able to safely move through the various stages and to fully process the event. I now feel more present, more connected, more liberated and more free, simply by knowing, through my own body (that never lies) that some deep pain that I¹ve had about earlier events has been eased and I have been able to heal on every level.
    I am deeply appreciative of her kind, compassionate presence, keen insight and tremendous knowledge and talent as a TBT practitioner. She is warm hearted, gentle, supportive and very effective. I am confident that Rehana would make anyone and everyone feel completely safe with her while exploring sensitive terrain.  She amazes me with her acute observations.  Rehana is a true healer and an incredibly lovely person.  Deepest bows. She was a true pleasure and privilege to work with. I am truly grateful for the support and highly recommend TBT for everyone! —

Rasha Salib, MA.

Amman, Jordan



5.  “Thanks so much for the teleclass. After tapping with Rehana…there was sooooo much released tension in my body!I’m so grateful. TBT is a wonderful technique and I love the way it brings smiles and laughter to the whole thing, too, whatever the trauma is. How fab if Rehana could do workshops in Bournemouth, UK.

I’ve already signed up for the January class- great value! Thank you sooooooooooooooo much for your help.

Angela and Rehana are my heroes! With love & gratitude – ”

~ Jo P., TBT Intro Teleclass participant

“This was an AMAZING teleclass! Thank you for taking the time to do this. (: ”

~ Ann M., TBT Intro Teleclass participant

“I was diagnosed with PTSD after a car accident. I suffered from repeated flash backs and intrusive thoughts. I was a bag of nerves and no therapy I received from psychologists helped. Finally I was on a number of medications which still didn’t help.

I had a couple of tapping sessions using tapping and there was an immediate cessation of the flashbacks. I couldn’t believe how easily and painlessly I was finally free. More people should be benefiting from this technique.”

~ Michael, truck driver

“Tapping saved my life! For 45 years I had lived with the memories of unspeakable abuse and violence. It is unbelievable that this simple process laid these ghosts to rest. I felt an immediate freeing up, like a great big granite stone had been lifted off my heart.”

~ David, ex mental patient

“I’ve carried this incident with me for years. It used to enrage me to think about it. I had based major life decisions around this hurt. When my friends and family told me to let it go, I couldn’t because I didn’t know how to. One tapping session – 15 minutes and the incident became faded, insignificant and hardly worth noticing …”

~ M.M., Wrong side of the Law

“I simply cannot believe how light and relaxed I feel about this horrific event that happened to me 15 years ago.

I’ve had counseling and therapy from numerous qualified people and never had any relief. Just 30 minutes ago I was reliving this nightmare and now I’m laughing about it.”

~ Cherry, Recovering Alcoholic

“Tapping is the tool that helped me finally give up smoking. I had tried will power, patches, hypnosis and acupuncture.

None of them worked. When I learned tapping at a workshop in Sydney, I decided to use it every time I wanted to light up. Well, the workshop was in July and it’s 5 months later and I can say that I’ve successfully remained smoke free!”

~ Arianna, teacher

“I was completely surprised by how such a simple technique could so effectively give me back my life, considering that I was a person who saw no future and no escape from the mess that I felt myself to be.”

~ Sheila, Australia – ex Mental patient

“You really have been integral to my growth and evolution and I want you to know how much I appreciate you. I managed to tap away all the fears of starting my own business as a practitioner. It took about a week of processing to come to a place of such excitement that my business quickly took on a life of its own. I had 32 new clients in the first five weeks and am getting referrals all the time. So shouting out a big thank you, from me and all of my clients and potential clients, thank you!”

Much love and bliss, Jan Carter

R-TAPS2“Rehana is extremely insightful. She just gets it. I really appreciate her empathy and effective approach in guiding me through personal issues that I’ve struggled with for years, which have been holding me back in life.

With an open mind and a will to move forward, I found Rehana’s broad experience, and her down-to-earth / pragmatic approach the one therapy that has not allowed me to self-indulge and feel self-pity. Over the years I have tried many different therapies, but none of them have been as effective as tapping. Under Rehana’s guidance, I feel I’ve been able to fast track my progress than any other means or on my own. I feel great. Thank you Rehana.”

~ Claire, Sydney, Australia

“I was trained in TBT last year. Rehana’s comprehensive training provides for opportunity to practice and become proficient. I have been using this amazing process regularly at work and with my colleagues and their families. It is an amazingly quick and successful process in clearing mental and physical ‘blockages’ that have resulted from traumas in peoples’ lives.

The mother of one young man in his mid twenties who was contemplating suicide said that he was “even better than he was before his trauma began.” It is now three months since his  TBT session and he is happy, focused and is back socializing. I am so grateful to have learnt TBT and to be able to change people’s lives so profoundly.”

~ Linda Ballantyne, Australia


“TBT was developed by Rehana Webster, EFT Master and NLP Master. TBT, based on NLP’s VAKOG, is a brilliant development of EFT: this technique works on changing the actual structure of the memory of a traumatic event, thereby bringing about amazingly rapid resolution of the trauma – TBT could not have been named any better!

As a professional, my goal is always to offer the best practice to my clients so they can quickly enjoy a feeling of regaining control over their lives. I have fully integrated TBT in my EFT practice because I find TBT is often more rapid and effective than EFT’s gentle techniques for treating any sort of traumatic event: rape, bullying, aggression, humiliation, war, accident, sudden loss of loved ones, domestic violence, etc.”

~ Diane von der Weid,  EFT Suisse, Switzerland

“TBT is a phenomenal technique for dealing with all kinds of suffering. I had attended an EFT workshop and used tapping before I was introduced by Rehana to TBT. I had found tapping to be effective but the kind of release from trauma that I myself have experienced or observed others experiencing is far beyond what can be achieved with simply EFT. TBT effects miracles – and I use that term advisedly.

In a one hour session with Rehana, I worked on an issue which had resulted in high levels of irritation during mealtimes for the last thirty years. After that one session, my irritation level at meal times completely disappeared. A month has passed and it has not come back.

Similarly, I have observed some of the women and men I have conducted TBT sessions with released from feelings of anger and abandonment that they had been carrying around for years. They report feeling happier than they have felt in years and often the disappearance of aches and pains in the body.

There is no doubt in my mind that as TBT spreads and people are released from their traumas, we can move towards homes, societies and a world where there is love and peace.”

~ S. Hussain, TBT Practitioner, Islamabad Pakistan


“Rehana taught me Trauma Buster Technique (TBT) in 2008 and I have never looked back. It is the one thing that works consistently with clients with specific trauma that I can count on time after time. The trauma is one hundred percent gone? People are stunned. How can that be? TBT that’s how. I encourage you to learn this simple yet ever so powerful advanced EFT protocol. I wouldn’t trade it for any other EFT technique anywhere. Your clients will be amazed – and so will you !!”

~ Maggie Adkins, EFT Founding Master, AAMET Trainer of Trainers,

and AAMET Australian Rep

“I absolutely concur! I love TBT!!! And my clients do too. Anyone who gets the opportunity to be trained by Rehana in this protocol is most fortunate. I have clients who request it!”

~ Elizabeth Mandzuk – EFT Level 3

“The TBT workshop pace is perfect.  It allowed us plenty of time to practiace the theory we learned.  Felt like I let this course with a complete understanding of the steps.  I loved the TBT process!”

~ RA, Melbourne, Australia

“I loved learning TBT and clearing all of my traumas! Rehana is a wondrfully gifted soul.  My world is a better place now I have learned TBT!”

~ CB, Melbourne, Australia

“TBT is an easy to follow process.  The workshop was enjoyable, relaxed, informative and a space created to make the learning easy.”

~ AM, Melbourne, Australia

“I loved Rehana’s way of teaching, structured, simple and humorous.  It was a really great workshop. Thanks so much and I love the way you teach. So clear, structured and concise.  No room for error.”

PF, Melbourne, Australia

 “I highly recommend you get along to Rehana’s workshops and learn TBT. It was an absolute stand-out at our Aussie Masterclass, and many people were helped personally in Rehana’s session as well as learning a simple and powerful way of helping their clients to gain relief from trauma.”

~ Steve Wells, eftdownunder.com

I am writing to give you an amazing update! I have been talking about you lots today as I have just spoken to my sister after having no contact for almost 5 1/2 years. Its like we have never stopped talking and I am just soooooooo happy with my life. My husband and I are still separated and I look forward to my divorce! I still think of you and all the things you taught me and I just want to thank you again for your help and support. You are a shining star.

My mom (who you counseled) brought me over to see you and you had also seen my sister a few years before. You have helped all the girls in our family and we are now almost all back together again. Being happy truly is the spice of life and I can still see you in my minds eye talking to me, holding my hand and tapping. You gave me the strength to move on with my life and I know that I could not have done that so efficiently and effectively going solo. The cost of your teaching is absolutely priceless in relation to the happy, safe and loving life I now have. I never thought I would ever be the awesome person I am today. Thanks again for the lessons and your continuing support.”

LW, Perth  

“I just wanted to say thanks so much for the “Trauma Buster” tapping Workshop last Saturday. Being completely new to tapping I found it really amazing and potentially “magic” therapy. Many thanks again Rehana. Perth is very lucky to have you back here! 🙂 ”

~ S., Perth

“Thank you so much for your workshop, powerful technique, words of wisdom and the joy and passion you demonstrated. I also want to thank you for helping me with my BS, it is fading away. More BS seems to bubble up to the surface now, we have stirred the beast I think ? I’ll keep tapping away.”

~ M., Perth  


“Rehana is an expert trainer in complementary healing methods such as NLP and tapping. Her approach to delivering teaching is student centered with lots of practical’s. Her topical knowledge on psychological and scientific issues surrounding health and well being adds to her proficiency as a trainer and therapist. As a one-on-one therapist Rehana has invoked some remarkable healing within people. Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time. ‘

~ Pieter de Zwart, BodyMinder

“I am an Art Therapist who uses tapping for myself and my clients. In July of 2005 I had the great opportunity to work with Rehana Webster as she achieved her Masters status in tapping. I have had issues of childhood sexual and physical abuse that had been plaguing me for many years. tapping was my only chance at living a different type of life, free from anxiety attacks of extreme fear of just being alive that would overwhelm me from time to time, and negative thinking that usually interfered with my everyday happiness.

I went to the Masters Program knowing I would release some of these troubling thoughts and behaviours. I was drawn to Rehana and chose to work with her to release a major issue of anger. We worked together well releasing a major part of this issue in only 30 minutes on that day. I will be forever grateful for this opportunity I was given to meet Rehana and subsequently work with her.

The tapping and Rehana’s style of therapy are key to my letting go of my history that is impeding my life today.”

~ Marilynn Demers, Art Therapist

“I have completed Part 1 and 2 of tapping Training and I have to say it has been extremely valuable. Rehana’s style of teaching is energetic, supportive and encouraging creating a safe and fun environment to learn in. The training is inspiring, dynamic and thought provoking leaving you thirsty for more. Looking forward to Part 3!!!”

~ Jan, Tairua

“Rehana, I enjoyed the class. I learned a lot and have made progress with several issues that were limiting my life. These tools will help me make changes to myself that will make my life better and happier. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants skills to make their life better. Thanks.”

~ Steven, Hamilton

RED-BALLOONS4H“The weekend was truly amazing. K. said to me she felt our relationship as mother and daughter had been solidified as equals rather than me treating her as a little girl!! We laughed such a lot together it was wonderful. And now I am off to tap on my other issues. With immense gratitude for the love and expertise you so willingly shared with us. United with you in emotional freedom.”

~ Gillian, Wellington

“I’ve known about tapping for well over a year now and had been using it for myself. However, I came away from the Level One Training with even more confidence in using tapping on myself and also for others.

I found Rehana’s manner lighthearted, sincere, charming, encouraging, confident, and experienced in the use of tapping in a variety of circumstances. I have had no hesitation in promoting this training to others and look forward to experiencing more for myself.”

~ Rere Stroud, Whanganui

“The weekend was really great, Rehana. Mum and I got a lot out of it. Thank you for teaching us some very useful tools. I shall put time aside to practice this because I have found that it certainly helps with relaxation!! wonderful!! Thank you.”

~ KR, Auckland

“Did your workshop last year, and started out great guns, then forgot about tapping for a while (I am sure you get this all the time from people) and then when life was “getting to me” again I thought “for goodness sake you silly girl (or words to that affect) why did you stop especially when you were feeling so good”, maybe that was why. Anyway – tapping is part of my life now – something I just do, like cleaning my teeth before bed, or when I need it. Happy new year to you and the rest of your team.”

~ J Denise Peck

“I’ve completely changed my life around in a 3-month period by persistently tapping on my negative beliefs and thought patterns. Before I was taught this technique by Rehana in Perth, I had tried every conceivable type of therapy and counselling I could avail my self of.

Nothing worked for me like tapping has and now I have a tool I can readily use anytime I need it…my emotional health is at the end of my finger tips! tapping helped me get rid of any psychological reversals there were in my subconscious and I am a totally different person now. I have truly set myself free by tapping and the amazing thing is that I learned this technique 2 years ago from Rehana, however did not use it like I have in the past 3 months.”

~ D.M.

“Cross dressing was an addiction for me. It was causing my marriage to break up. My partner could not deal with it. One tapping session and I can’t believe that cross-dressing is no longer a big deal for me. I just don’t have any urgency or compulsion to get into women’s clothes! It’s unbelievable how my feelings have changed.”

~ PD, ex Mental patient

“This is an amazing tool. I feel so different, so good and I know this is going to work for me. My life has been filled will negative thoughts and actions in the past and no matter what happens at court, I know that I can turn my life around with the use of this technique.”

~ LK

“I have been waiting all my life for such a tool. It’s totally amazing how simple and quick the results are from using tapping. I can see how it will dovetail in with my other body/healing techniques very well.”

~ LH, healer & body worker

“Just letting you know that we are all tapping our little hearts out here in Wairoa. What happened one week ago, has given me a new lease on life (life Changing). Don’t let people get me down, letting them own their own problems etc.”

~ LW, social worker